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The Thick of Thin


“Beware not to get caught in the thick of thin things”  Thomas S. Monson

So many things to think about today.  I love Sundays because I feel like I actually have a chance to stop and process everything that is going on around me. I appreciate the time for reflection, introspection, and just a general ‘slowing down.’  Usually things that happened during the week become more clear, and there is a greater sense of resolve to improve.

I’ve recently felt a strong need to simplify everything in my life, from my physical surroundings to relationships, and a quote that was given in church today really stood out to me.  “Beware not get to caught in the thick of thin things.”  This has been a good reminder to me to seek out what is truly important, and what is truly worthwhile.  There are so many things that clamour for attention, but nothing can be more important than our relationships with others, and our relationship with our God.  I am so imperfect, but I know that God loves me as his daughter and wants me to strive to be better even when it feels like it is not possible.  I want to love without restriction and I pray that I can let go of the things that hold me back, the ‘thin’ things, and love with a full heart.